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Maze Odyssey: upcomming features

Posted by SolarCrystalStudios - May 14th, 2021

So, those of you, who have played Maze Odyssey, might notice that the game is far from finished.

Thanks for your feedback so far!

This is what I'm planning to do with the further development of the game:

Thiings that need to be improved:

-Fix on speed-power up: I've seen it is possible to run out of the map with this power up if you are not careful. This obviously needs fixing

-Bigger maps with camera movement: The gameplay features need to be balanced more, why I've decided to expand on current maps having a camera following the player to achieve this. Each level will still consist of five sublevels, but they will, like said, be bigger and have more puzzles and obstacles.

-More engaging enemies: At the moment each enemy moves in a fixed patrolling routine. To make the game more unpredictable, perhaps their routes should either be random or they should have an A.I which make them chase the player if he is in the vicinity. Similar things can be said about the boss figths.

-Improvement of the Boss music track: I compose all the music myself. Battle music is actually hard to write, but I think the current Boss music track could be improved a little.

Upcomming gameplay features:

-Teleport feature: You teleport from one point of a map to another. Used in combination with solving a puzzle in the specific level.

-Pushable blocks: Your character will be able to push these to certain spots, which will trigger some events, eg. opening a door.

-Encyclopeadia tokens: Special collectibles within levels, which will unlock information about the game world and its beasts. I could additionally add a feature, where you unlock a hidden level, if you collected a certain amount of these tokens.

-New power ups: Someone suggested a defense power up, which I imagine could be an energy shield which makes you invincible to enemies. Another power up(or power down) could be a negative effect which lets you loose twice the health if you touch an enemy.

-New enemies and levels: You probably expected this. The current release actually features an additional music track in the Music Player called "Dry Hills." This is the music track for the third level of the game.

-A feature making it able to mute the music and sound effects.

Other gameplay features

-Level editor

-PVP mode: Local game mode where two players compete agains each other.

-Difficulty setting

These other features, I would imagine make it into a exclusive Steam version or Mobile version, if the plans of porting this to Steam are not too ambitous